Gatehouse officer

Gatehouse officer

Allies Security is an experienced and capable provider of gatehouse security personnel.  We have supplied gatehouse security guards to many of Australia’s high security risk facilities including Australian Air Express (Airport warehouse facilities), Patrick Shipping Terminals (all PSG personnel held Maritime Security Identification Cards – MSIC), Toll (freight carrier), Border Express (freight carrier), Patrick Autocare (a specialist ship to shore transport company).

Allies Security provides gatehouse security guards, Gatehouse security personnel in  Sydney. Contact us to talk with our team member about the range of gatehouse security, Gatehouse monitoring and Gatehouse security officers. We can provide you complete protection.
Allies Security  has the knowledge, experience and ability to implement, enforce and recommend improvements to site security procedures and practices.  Our gatehouse security personnel are carefully selected for their customer service, knowledge of security and OHS risk and experience in gatehouse operations and site patrols.

All of our gatehouse security guards are qualified in emergency first aid, traffic control, hold occupational health and safety qualifications and are trained in the use of fire extinguishers.  Allies Security’s guard team have received comprehensive training in responding to security risk situations and reporting security incidents.

Allies Security can also assist with the supply and installation of access control systems and CCTV security camera systems.

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