Loss Prevention Officers

Loss Prevention Officers

Allies Security’s Loss Prevention Officers have comprehensive knowledge of all forms of shop theft, such as theft resulting from employees or members of the public, or careless management. Our Loss Prevention Officers understand the proof of Larceny and Embezzlement that would support theirjudgement if the matter proceeds to court, or any other jurisdiction. And they understand the cost implications of loss such as theft to a company’s profitability.

The following are the duties our officers can perform for your organisation:

  • Security of premises before, during and after trading hours;
  • Setting and monitoring alarms systems;
  • Checking staff bags and parcels;
  • Prevention and detection of theft by staff, and customers;
  • Enquires regarding cheques, credit and bank card frauds;
  • Checks to ensure that company policy and systems are observed;
  • Advice to management on security risk areas and fire/safety hazards;
  • Facilitating discussion to the sales staff about shop stealing;
  • Internal cash escorts or Banking Services;
  • Controlling access and exits;
  • Response to various alarm systems and following of procedures.
  • Proficiency in briefing and debriefing clients and customers;
  • Identification of risks and hazards and possible counter measures;
  • Report writing skills – for example, fill shift logs, incident, accident reports
  • Response in emergency situations

Our security personnel also fully understand their responsibilities according to the following legislation:

  1. Occupational Health Safety Act and Regulations 2000
  2. Security Industry Act 2005
  3. Enclosed Land Act 1901
  4. Crimes Act 1900
  5. Liquor Act 1982
  6. Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 Commonwealth.
  7. Sex Discrimination Act 1984 Commonwealth.
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