Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Allies Security Services Close Protection Officers understand the significance of the appointment of close personal protection. All Risk Assessment and Management plans are based on Australian and New Zealand Risk Management Standards AS/NZS 4360:2004.

All of our CPP officers understand and are trained in the implementation of the Threat Management Process that is based on threat Identification, Analysis, Evaluation, and Application of appropriate Counter-measures.

Allies Security Services does not discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religious, beliefs, gender, personal orientation or any other factor. As long as our clients are not engaged in unlawful or morally unjustifiable activities Allies Security is committed to provide Personal Protection tailored to the individual needs of clients such as:

  • VIPs
  • Executive personnel
  • Celebrities
  • Religious leaders
  • High net worth individuals
  • Media personnel
  • Political and Diplomatic families
  • Music bands

Our Close Personal Protection officers have extensive experience in handling challenging situations and liaising with law enforcement agencies. Our officers are highly trained and have excellent interpersonal communication skills as well as being able to recognise the protection needs without being overbearing or intrusive to clients.

Our personnel have gained extensive experience and involvement with major national events in the fields of business, entertainment and sporting. We have proudly provided personal protection to tennis celebrities, by escorting them to and from venues and pavilions during the recent tournaments.

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