We believe in quality security service

Offering security servicing since 2000 and adhering to the core belief that “we will meet and exceed client’s expectations by providing quality services at very competitive prices”.

Allies Security Services is not only an organisation providing well-trained security officers but is also a Registered Training Organisation approved by ASQA and offers nationally recognised security training courses.

We understand industry requirements in regards to the skill sets a security officer must possess such as exceptional communication and conflict management skills and a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislations to deal with security risk situations.

We recognise the importance of security services that our client’s security needs to ensure asset protection and public safety. We tailor security solutions designed by security consultants approved by NSW Police based on security risk management standard.

All security officers are fully inducted for each job to ensure they are completely trained to deliver the expected service standards. All our security officers hold current first-aid qualifications to assist if required.

Allies Security Services is committed to providing exceptional security services for your security needs. You could have a free phone consultation with one of our consultants to discuss your security solutions at no cost.

We specialise in the following areas of the security industry:

  • Static and Mobile officers for a range of sites including corporate offices, commercial businesses, construction sites
  • Crowd control officers for licensed venues and for one off events such as birthday parties and public gatherings
  • Concierge Personnel for residential serviced apartments
  • Close Personal Protection and Bodyguards for VIPs and celebrities
  • Loss prevention officers to minimise theft and asset protection in retail businesses such as chemists, supermarkets, and other businesses

Our services

Security Officers Static and Mobile

Security Officers – Static and Mobile

Foot and mobile patrols protecting people and property. Response to various alarm systems 24/7.

Licenced Venue Specialist Officers

Our officers understand the internal and external operating environment of Licensed Venues

Loss Prevention Officers

Loss Prevention Officers

Comprehensive knowledge of all forms of shop theft, such as theft resulting from employees or public.

Gatehouse officer

Supplied gatehouse security guards to many of high security risk facilities including Australian Air Express

Concierge Personnel

Concierge Personnel

Our concierge officers are ready to work in diverse workplaces such as hotels, residential and commercial apartments and suites.

Personal Protection Officer

Personal Protection Officer

Our Body Guards have extensive experience in handling challenging situations and liaising with law enforcement agencies

Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy

Comprehensive Security Risk management report prepared by NSW Police approved licenced security consultant

Unarmed Cash in Transit Officers

Unarmed Cash in Transit Officers

Specialises in the secure collection, transportation and processing of cash, cheques and other valuables in Sydney CBD

Meet Our Team

Dean Pruitt

Dean has worked in the security industry in Australia since 2002. Prior to that, he served in the military for 16 years in a number of roles that included protection of private, government property and high value assets worldwide.

He began in security as a crowd-controller in 2002, and spent a number of years in this capacity. Dean then obtained a position as a security manager in Papau New Guinea for a large security organisation (500+ employees). He also took a position as a Security Officer at the Immigration detention centre at Nauru, responsible for the safety of asylum seekers.

Dean is passionate about sharing his extensive experience to offer solution to your security requirements.

Shayne Garrett

Shayne has been involved in the security industry for approximately 25 years, performing a range of job roles including crowd-controller, security officer and security manager. He was a manager for the training and development of operational staff in security firms. He also worked for 13 years with Sydney Trains as a Senior Transit Officer, where he was responsible for training, assessing and supervising newly recruited transit officers.

Shayne’s extensive experience in the security industry that allows him to deliver excellent services to their clients.

Diane O’Donaghoe

Diane has been involved in security related industry since 1995, she is also a trainer assessor in security industry. She specialises in understanding clients need and design procedures and instructions for security officers to ensure they meeting client’s requirement.

Chris Burgess

Chris has served in Australian Army for 8 years and hold current security licenses in New South Wales. Chris is also First-Aid trainer assessor and have been offering services to Allies Security services since 2009.

Chris officers expertise and advise in designing and implementing an overall risk management process, which includes an risk analysis and risk management solutions.