Licenced Venue Specialist Officers

Allies Security Services is an approved training organisation with Liquor Racing and Gaming to conduct RSA and RCG courses. This approval from industry regulators confirms that we do understand industry regulators expectations from industry stakeholders and we have rigorous compliance to meet our compliance obligations.

Therefore, Allies Security Services officers are well trained in matters relevant to licensed venues and comprehensive understanding of legal requirements in particular, Liquor Act 2007.

All Security officers working in licensed venues have current security licence subclass 1AC, current first-aid, and current competency card for RSA and RCG

We understand that old licensees would like to have security officers who have exceptional conflict management skills to resolve conflicts in a diplomatic way, deal with intoxicated people and ensure they are safe.

Our officers have exceptional rapport building skills to ensure they enhance your organisation image to your client and add value to your business.

We understand that each licensed venue has a unique market segment target and they require services from security officers who have the required skill sets to engage with patrons at an expected level.

Licensed venue Specialist officers are trained to perform the following duties:

  • Implement house policy regarding harm minimisation for patron.
  • ID checks and refuse entry to unauthorised individuals  
  • Assist bar staff regarding any refusal service of alcohol
  • Ensuring patrons are leaving quietly and safely without causing any disturbance to neighbours and surrounding environment of the venue.
  • Assist bar staff to lock up the venue
  • Exceptional communication and conflict management skills
  • Implement Security Risk Management controls