Loss Prevention Officers

Australian retail stores are paying extensively for shoplifting incidents which is costing them. Allies Security Services understand a collaborative effort is required between the security organisation as well as a business risk management system to set up a security risk management plan which will deter shoplifting activities.

Allies Security Services Loss Prevention Officers have comprehensive knowledge of all forms of shop theft, such as theft resulting from employees or members of the public. Our Loss Prevention Officers understand the proof of Larceny and Embezzlement that would support their judgement if the matter proceeds to court, or any other jurisdiction. Our officers can perform the following duties to deter and minimise:

  • Our staff are trained to perform undercover loss prevention officers duties
  • Checking staff bags for clients and authorised staff
  • Prevention and detection of theft by staff if required
  • Checks to ensure that company policies and systems are observed
  • Controlling access and exits