Personal Protection Officer

“A person who provides personal protection through physical presence and follows risk management procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of the Principal”

A risk management plan should be based on, deterring individuals that paused threats, detecting threats in a complex environment, denying opportunity, which make a client vulnerable at highly vulnerable areas which are known as  a threat. Allies security services, risk management plan is based on SMEAC (Situation – Mission – Execution – Administration – Command & Control) and ISO 31000:2018, Risk management – Guidelines. Risk management plan is designed by approved security consultant for all the jobs that we perform.

Allies security services bodyguards had participated in body guarding assignments in Sydney Olympic 2000 providing body guarding services to international players, and in Australian Open Championships at The Royal Sydney Golf Club 1999.

Allies Security Services officers are highly trained bodyguards and have exceptional skills to build trust with clients. They have excellent interpersonal communication skills as well as being able to recognise the protection needs without being overbearing or intrusive to clients. Some of the key attributes our bodyguards possesses:

Professional attributes of our bodyguards:

  • Self – discipline, adaptable, analytical, diplomatic, discreet
  • Present a professional image to members of the public and colleagues
  • Communicate effectively with people from different social, cultural backgrounds
  • Determine response appropriate to security risk situation, including applications of countermeasures and contingency plan.
  • Escort VIP utilising various formations
  • Record, report and document information
  • Use negotiation techniques to defuse and resolve conflict
  • Comprehensive understanding of relevant legislations applies in any jurisdiction in Australia